Biodynamic & Integrative Psychotherapy

About UsBiodynamic and Integrative Psychotherapy is a humanistic psychotherapy, which emphasises the importance of the body in sustaining psychological, emotional, spiritual and physical wellbeing. Much of the thinking and practice comes from the work of Gerda Boyesen, a notable Norwegian psychologist who lived and worked in London from the 60's to the 90’s and died in 2006. More generally the bodywork psychotherapy field is underpinned by the work of Wilhelm Reich, David Boadella, Alexander Lowen, Ola Raaknes and John Pierrakos. Finally, the integrative and general psychotherapy background is grounded in the work of Freud, Jung, Perls and Winnicott.

Biodynamic and Integrative Psychotherapy commonly uses biodynamic massage and vegetotherapy, to work directly with emotional 'body armour'. We tend to develop armour as a result of emotional stresses and traumas from our early life but also from the continued social and physical strain of modern life. Although armour helps us to deal with difficult feelings and to cope with stress in the short term, in the long term it represses the free flow of spontaneous, natural emotion and well-being in our bodies and our awareness. This cuts us off from the real joy of living and relating with other people. By splitting off our body feelings and experience from our emotional and mental experience the armour can also contribute to psycho-somatic disorders and long-term health problems, ranging from tension head-aches and postural problems to serious illness.

If we allow ourselves to follow a more natural emotional movement and expression a new ‘unfolding’ process starts to happen - ‘unlearning’ old limited ways of being in the world we start to learn new ones (or perhaps rebuild on earlier, healthier attitudes from our childhoods) which help us to realise more of our birthright of pleasure and aliveness. This new learning needs to be supported in the therapeutic relationship, and a wide range of integrative techniques and skills are used to help people sustain their strength and open-ness and to bring it into daily life.